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  1. Only Here & Now
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Only Here & Now

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Bass written by Tony LaForte. There really is Only Here and Now. The past is gone, the future isn't here yet, and there is no place I'd rather be than here with you.


3. Only Here & Now
( T. LaForte, D.Blackburn)
I’ve been hanging around
For more than a thousand years
And in all of that time
I’ve remembered a thing or two
Like if you take off
And you go fast enough
You can come back
Before you took off
Oh Time
There's no such thing
I’ve been hanging around
For more of only now
How can that be?
It’s an impossibility
The past and future
They’re the pillars
Of society
If time is an illusion
What is that passing by?
And if space is infinite
Where does that leave
You and I?
Oh Space
There’s no such thing
I’ve been hanging around
For more of only here
There’s Only Here & Now
I know that you’ve heard this
All before
Such is life
A revolving door
We go out
And we go back in
Back to where and when and how
We’ve already been
There’s Only Here
There’s Only Now
There’s Only Here & Now