Why Spirituality

Thousands of people have had “near death experiences” and returned to give us accounts of “out of body experiences” and visions of the afterlife. They report seeing their “loved ones” and “ a life review”. No one can deny that these experiences have happened to others and that they are “ real” to them. The question is are they actually real? Some people have incredible abilities to be in contact with the people on the “other side.” I have experienced this.  I tried to deny it, but I cannot deny it. It happened. It was real. It changed my perspective on everything.
 Experience becomes the key because the mind cannot deny a personal experience. Jimi Hendrix got it right when he asked; are you experienced ?
Paul McCartney and Beethoven have both said
their inspiration is from a universal spiritual source. A metaphysical universal source.
Thoughts are inspirations, forming creativity in many ways. If you break down the word inspiration into its parts; they are:
 the word “in” = (in what?, how about my mind,)
 “-spir,”  = (spirit,)
 -ation = the act of thinking thoughts.
 I think it doesn't matter what we believe about spirits and the afterlife.  Interesting word afterlife; more life after this life? Does that mean we do not die?
Spiritual is just a word. Words are only symbols of ideas. It’s the inspired idea that counts. Not the word itself.
If spirit is an inspired mind (whose life continues in the afterlife) then it’s an idea about what we truly are.
 If you are reading this then you are alive, your mind is alive.
Science is still trying to define exactly what the mind is.
Current quantum physics says the nucleus and the electrons of all atoms
“pop in and out of existence” instead of spin.  They have visible tangible scientific proof of that one.
So where do the nucleus and electrons of the atoms that are in our brain go when they are not here? Another reality? The “other side?”

Something still undefined by science; (the mind) is living inside me, and all around me.
Now they can take pictures, images of the AURAS that surround us. This photography is still very experimental. Many gifted people can see auras.
It’s a measurable field of something amazing.  All living things have it. And everything is living including rock. The parts of the atoms inside rock are popping in and out of existence at incredible speed. We used to think electrons were spinning, now we know they are not spinning, they are popping in and out of existence.
Rock will never die remember?
In my definition, that’s what spirit basically is, the mind imagined as more than the physical brain in contact with something amazing.
Some people call it the “observer.” Or the "Soul" Others call it the “chakra” system.
Did you ever feel someone watching you?
And then you look around and you find…someone is… watching you?
Or have you ever experienced De Ja Vu?
What part of your brain made that happen?
The mind is much more than just the brain.

Spiritual Mind Beings from many paths, I think that’s what we are.
You choose your spiritual mind path. I choose mine. Both are valid.
Everyone’s spiritual path is just right for them. Not for everyone.
Anyone who tells you "being different is wrong;" is wrong about that.
No one spiritual path has a monopoly on being the "only" way.
There are many paths to the top of any mountain.  
Accepting that about each other has been a big problem for us humans.
For thousands of years men have chosen to kill each other
because of non-acceptance of each other path differences.

We all very much like to think we have everything figured out. And the false part of our mind, the ego, really loves to be right, not happy
It’s how we feed the false part of our mind, the ego. (See the lyrics of the song Life goes on)
Well, both the good and the bad news is we don’t have it figured out.
I certainly don’t. But I’m trying to figure things out for me anyway I can.
This is my way of doing that. And this time all my cards are on the table, no more hiding the fact that spirituality
is majorly affecting the music and tunes I write.
You may ask why? Well I have had a spiritual experience.
An undeniable spiritual experience.
At first, I tried to deny it but my mind wouldn’t let me.
It was something pretty simple actually, a few words spoken by my niece.
But she could not have known this. Nobody knew this. I never told anyone.
Yet here she was giving me my exact words from the “ other side” from her Mom who has been dead for a number of years. And they were undeniable.
The hair on my arms raised up, and I got the shivers up my spine when she said it.
I didn't know it right then but that was the moment I went Off the Deep.
I'm a composer, a songwriter. It's what have always loved to do.
If some of the music I've written touches your spirit mind,
I'm ecstatic about that.
I write a lot of different types of music because
I really love all kinds of music.
I’m hoping that you like a few styles of music.
My Dad defined a few as anywhere from 3 to 13. So there really is quite a  few music styles on the latest album.

All of these songs and music are me keeping MY journal, of my spiritual / musical path.
I find out (sometimes through books) or remember something that "blows my mind."
I write it into the lyrics of a song so that I remember it
in an effort to use repetition to pound it into my thick skull.
Otherwise, I might forget all about it. It works for me.

The current release is a set of CD's. It’s a triple 3 CD album, called " Peace of Mind " 32 Songs total. Whatever you do don't take it too seriously. I might be wrong about whatever I say in the lyrics that you disagree with. I’m evolving in the process OK? This 3CD set is like a journal of my particular kindergarten class in Spirituality. Hopefully I will make it to first grade someday.

It's available in a 3 CD Box, or MP3 downloads.
You get the Lyrics and Album Art either way.

Each CD of the 3 CD set" Peace of Mind "
 has it's own subtitle name and theme, Oh boy!

CD # 1 is titled " Classical Rassical" and all 7 pieces are
classical instrumental orchestra music, no vocals.
The feature piece is " Eddies Song."
Fast Eddie; the best roadie a musician could ever be blessed to have with me.

CD # 2 is called "Easy Listening” and has 12 Songs
featuring the song " Healer" These songs will grow on you.

CD # 3 is called " Rock the Potatoes"
and has 13 mostly Hard Rock songs
and the feature song is " Peace of Mind"

If you like bands like Pink Floyd, Rush, Zeppelin, Jethro Tull,
Yes, Hendrix and the Beatles, Queen, Zappa and Jeff Beck
you will appreciate this  rock CD.

You can listen first to these CD's in their entirety on this website pages anytime.
That’s 32 new pieces of music total! I have been a busy boy!
Ok now we get down to business right? Well almost.
I have decided to let you have this 3 CD length album
for free if you want it for free. I can only hope to be able
to continue to afford to provide
free MP3 downloads, of all 3 full-length albums.
Plus you get the Album art and Lyric pages too.
If there are one million people out there who want it for free I will give it to them.
Just the first One million people. After that the deals over.
Free Download
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Record Label is: Airzone Media, Independent Record Label that I own

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More importantly please listen to the music. Play it loud.
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If enough people ask me to, I will release and sell the albums separately
Enjoy and let me know what you think on any subject, (especially the songs/music.) on the comments page
Thank you! - Dave Blackburn,
Keyboards, Vocals, Keytar, Orchestration, Songwriting, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Owner: One Feather Studio, and Owner: Airzone Media, Independent Record Label

PS; I have a meditation CD available, very soft electric piano
that will take you on a journey. Is anyone interested? Email:dblackburn7@verizon.net
Discography: History

Band Name: Off the Deep- Within Album Released 2009
Style: Mix of Hard rock and Easy Listening, 13 songs
Feature Song: “Lay Down Your Arms”
CD- available, IN Stock $ 10.00 plus tax and shipping
MP3 Download: Available $5.00 + Sales Tax  (NY State Residents only)
Includes: Album art and lyrics.
Label: Airzone Media

Burnen Released 1997
Style Mix Mostly Hard Rock and a few easy listening Songs
Feature Song: “Laura”
CD: Available, Special Order $ 12.00 plus sales tax and shipping
MP3 Download: Available $ 5.00
Record Label: Airzone Media

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All my life I have been wondering what God is.
Here is the best definition I have found to date;
“God is formless, spirit, perfection and changeless.
Anything that does not fit these characteristics is not from God.
If words are but symbols of symbols, twice removed
from God’s Reality, there is no way to put this into words.”

Like I said, I’m a student here and this kinda feels like Kindergarten.
Is it nap time yet?