Story / Biography

What is Spiritual Rain? It’s the name of my solo musical act  - Dave Blackburn,
It’s how I feel about receiving the amazing gift of music and songwriting.
It’s what my life is like now that I am sure that Spirit exists.

It’s my Declaration of Independence from my own false ego and the train wreck of all that useless banter that goes along with ego-based thinking and the mess that creates.  You either see the ego or Spirit. It is now raining, because I have asked for it to rain.

The world thinks I’m crazy, and in a certain sense I have been and sometimes still am; but I’m getting healed from insanity, slowly, step-by-step. You see once you know for sure that Spirit exists, one is no longer alone. One is at least two, or maybe six or six billion altogether as one. One is Two, sounds crazy right?, but it’s not.

Once you know that Spirituality is what you have been craving you know where to go to eat. The fruit of that tree is no longer forbidden. Remember the tree of knowledge? It is a mythic apple tree that condemned us to an imaginary hell. Hell does not exist and it is not for children. Not being alone (knowing that Spirit is always with you)  is very comforting and gives you an  amazing Peace of Mind. Because of that, Peace of Mind is the title of my latest 3 CD release.

I wrote and performed 95% of the 32 songs; all on keyboards ( all keyboard sounds, Drums sounds, Guitar sounds, and Orchestra sounds were performed on keyboards)  and my friend Tony LaForte ( Bass Guitar) co-wrote and played Bass on 4 of the songs. Plus, Dave Clark co-wrote and played Drums on one song, title: Do Forever

OK so now what? Well just because I know that Spirit exists doesn’t mean I’m enlightened. I have a lot of undoing to go. A bunch of walls have to come down and habits to break.
Although; I do have a dream. I would like to gather all the spiritual people from an area together and give them time to talk and get to know each other at my live performances. I would like my fans input and help to make that happen. Where do you think we should hold these gatherings of spiritual people ?   Is there a day you prefer?  Do you want me to serve food? Is there a need for a chat room? Is this worth doing?