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My Family Everyone

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For as long as men have been roaming the earth we have been killing each other over differences in religion. Are we ever going to get out of kindergarten class and learn to share and care about each other?


5. My Family Everyone
It makes a difference if you’re a Christian
And there’s a difference if you’re a Muslim
Yeah, It’s different if you’re a Hindu
A Mormon. A Bahai’ or a Buddhist yeah
Still, I’m your brother
And you are mine
You’re my sister
And I’m making this rhyme
( taking my time)
to remind me
Just like Mom and Dad
You’re the family I’ve always had
I see that God’s Love
Lives in you
The very same God Love
That lives in me
And because we’re all the same
Somebody gave that a name
You’re in My Family
And We Are All One
My family Everyone
Take it away…..