1. Being
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If you already know who you are and what you are being then........


6. Being
They say what you do
Is what you are
Even though that’s true
It don’t go far
Enough to explain the difference
Between coming from Being
Before you do the dance
Misty eyes cry the reaction
Of doing instead of deciding action
When I get my mind
Out of the way
I know what I am
Being, instead of
Doing, doing the do
Sounds real easy
But it’s not
Look at all that hate
When it’s love that we got
Frustration, anger
Acceptance, Peace
Coming from Being
Is like a lamb’s fleece
And the wool is pulled
over eyes, everyday
And doesn’t ever cease
Until I dig in and say
And admit it to me
That what I am doig
Isn’t what I, wanna be
Oh Being, Being, Being , Being