1. Already Healed
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Already Healed

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Duality is a mind concept. Like time and space they are illusions. Everything that will happen has already happened. I am in true reality already healed.


7. Shine It Away
Nobody has to lose
For me to to win
Nothing has to end
For me to begin
To understand
That time and space
Are one and the same
It’s already healed….
There’s nothing to do
That has to be done
There’s no place to go
Cause there’s only one
Pain and pleasure
They’re one and the same
I know cause that
Monkey wrench
Got thrown in my game
I’m Already Healed…..
What I thought was real…
There’s so much more
I thought I owned the house
But I’m knockin on the the door
To accept I’m already healed
Just cause I asked for it
It’s already sealed
It’s already healed
It’s Already Healed….