1. Sweet Freedom
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Sweet Freedom

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Freedom is our nature


8. Sweet Freedom
You gave me everything
I imagined I needed
as soon as I didn’t
You gave me eveything
I imagined I wanted
As soon as I believed
I could have it
You gave me one more thing
I wasn’t expecting..
You gave me Freedom
Sweet Freedom
Oh Freedom
Freedom from all of those
Wants and needs
Oh sure, you say that
Freedoms’ real good
Till you need a roof
Over your head
Or a sandwich for your belly
Well now I admit that
That was true for me
Hope it’s not true for you
But then as soon as I believed
That I could have those things
I got ‘em…….
And so I still have desires
But that’s not the
Same as a need
And now I understand
That most of my wants
Were nothing but greed
Nothing but greed
So now I’m
Free to prefer
Whatever shows up
And that’s the path
That set me to Freedom
Sweet Freedom
Frredom from all of those
Silly wants and needs