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Rockin All the Boats

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Many of the conventional schools of thought are being challenged by women.
Their courage is shown through Reiki, and as Medical Intuitive (s) and through many types of spiritual gifts that are psychic. Also through places like Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. There are many women working everyday in the field of spirituality and countless others who add it to their conventional work/practice. They are truly Rockin All the Boats.


4. Rockin All The Boats
( D.Blackburn)
( Scat singing )
When you get down to the rhythm
That’s when you know
Where you’re going to go
Where you’re going to….
Rocking the Boats
Rocking the Boats
Rocking All the boats (Baby) (Lady)
You Keep On Rocking the Boats
Rocking All the Boats