Spirit is reached through the mind. And it's raining thoughts, and ideas. All thoughts are powerful, creating inspired ideas like music, art, humor, and  the sciences. The mind’s thoughts are much more than just the physical brain. Everything has been created from thoughts. Inspiration provides the insight to create. But, where does inspiration come from? I say it comes from Spirit. And, I think we are all connected through Spirituality. It's who you (and I) really are.
So if you accept that; that makes the  Mind/Spirit connection  metaphysical. It transcends this physical existence that we can see everyday. If you are like me, I did not want to admit that. It was as if; ( I thought) I would lose something , like my control over everything. Of course, I never really had any actual control over anything but my own thoughts, and deeds.
Some people believe in Spirituality. Others do not. Whatever you believe in or do not believe about Spirit is OK by me. I did not believe Spirit or spirits existed for many years. Belief in something that you know to be actually true through your own experience is what matters. A spiritual experience can cause that.
This story, ( this website, the music, the lyrics, what I write about mostly, what is behind the music,)  is about how and why I have changed my mind. Now I do believe that Spirit exists and that spirits exist.
This story is about how that came to be.......it was not easy.
I fought it every step of the way, and still am wrestling with what it all means. If something resonates with you, fine. If not, oh well, no big deal. It would be boring if we all agreed on everything. Besides a wise person once said" there are many paths to the same mountaintop."  If you want some real answers go to the section titled Links.
- Dave Blackburn, Spiritual Rain

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Turn on your Sound and Press Play > on the site wide music player shown in black and white at the bottom of every page. Turn up the Volume!  32 complete songs total are played in  triple album order = the equivalent of (3) CD's . The first album  has 7 pieces of Classical (instrumental), the next 12 songs  are -Easy Listening, and the last 13 songs Rock the Potatoes.  Skip around to your favorite style (s) anytime.Stop the player to listen or purchase individual songs shown in blue text. Or choose from many options on the Music page. The album is called "Peace of Mind." Lyrics on the lyric page.

Spiritual Rain releases a 3 CD Album !
Never before in the history of music has this been done. Spiritual Rain has just released a 3 CD set that has one CD of Classical Music (7), one CD of Easy Listening (12)songs and one CD of serious Rock (13) songs. That's 32 Songs Total! That takes guts. That takes determination. That is incredible ! That is Spiritual Rain. Give this "Peace of Mind' (album title)  the award for artistry and interesting songwriting. This project is out to show the world that not only is this a rare crossover release both unique and concrete, the class of orchestral classical is there, the deep song lyrics are there and the crunch of rocks is there. All wrapped up in a bow ( string section) and the arrow hit the target with a bulls eyeTo boot,  the 3 CD's are packaged in a DVD case so you can actually read the print in the included 8 page lyric booklet. Wow, an artist that knows what the fans want !

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